DanielDaniel Hernández. As a scientist, my goal is to address issues that have social significance or help us to preserve life on our planet. I'm also interested in databases, data on the Web, and incomplete information. My general research question is how people and communities can organize their knowledge and communicate on the Web. Why proposals as the Semantic Web and Linked Data have not been adopted as one would have liked? This is not a simple problem. It involves technical and human issues. Worst, we don't have an agreement on what we would have liked. I believe that the Web of Data has to be universal, that is, has not to depend on a particular culture, software, hardware, nor tech giant. Today, human communications are mainly controlled by a few tech giants, who have favored political manipulation, aggravated biases, and taken away to the people the control of their data. Is the Semantic Web feasible? Would it contribute to a desired utopia or an unintended dystopia?

I am currently postdoctoral researcher in the Center of Data Intensive Systems (DAISY) at Aalborg University. Previously, I was working at the Millennium Institute Foundational Research on Data in Chile. I hold a Ph.D., in Computer Science from the  DCC, University of Chile.

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